Innovative Products

Our Inventix™ research laboratory is dedicated to develop the hands on DIY(do it yourself) products
to boost up the technology growth into our next generation.

Science innovation Box

The fundamental development box for science innovation which contains tools and components to develop, design and create the innovation from the science that can change the world, most suited for the beginner in the World of innovation.

Autonomous Robot Development Box

The advance robot development box that contains tools and components to develop the autonomous robots, like line follower robot, self falling protective robot and wall follower robot  

Smartphone Robot Development Box

The Smartphone controlled robot development box that contains all tools and components that makes a Smartphone controlled robot  

Quadcopter Design Box

A Complete Development Box for quadcopter design development and making which contains all tools and components needed fo the design of the quadchopter.

Robotics & Innovation Lab

The state of art laboratory for hands on learning with science innovation, robotics and front edge technologies

Smart Home Solutions

To ride with technology and future age, we proive the smarthome solution to make peoples life more comfort, secure and green

Smart Switchboard

We are the leading player for the switchboard paradigm shift to support the smart living. Our variants in modular smart switchboard and touch smart switchboard

Wearables Design Box

A complete development tools to design the wearble devices that can change the World


Our Services

Eklavya Innovision® is dedicated for the quality services with the
technological edge state of art and execptional exceptional support in order to the National growth

Robotics Workshop

We are committed to design, develop and organize quality workshop to boost the technical potential into our next generation

Science Innovation Workshop

This is introduce the core science innovations with the joy of practical learning

Robotics & Innovation Laboratory setup

We are the world's most economical and innovative science and innovation lab installation organization, the lab grows the 360-degree growth into the scientific thinking process of the school and university students.

Smart Home Solutions

We are the major player of smart home solutions, developing India's technological potential and way of smart living

Research & development consultancy

We are most innovative Technology Laboratory in the India working on technology innovation to support the Nation growth through Research & Development consultancy

Micro-Entrepreneurship Support

We are the state of art platform for the micro-entrepreneurship development to promote the young generation to lead up the Nation from the front stream

Contact Info

Inventix Research Lab .
826/4, street no-4
Zakir Nagar, Jamia Nagar
New Delhi (India)-110025